Orange County Supercommunity (California)

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Supercommunity Background

According to the United States Census Bureau, the estimated population in Orange County in 2013 was 3,114,363, with 23.8% being under the age of 18. This makes it the 3rd most populated county in the state of California out of 58 counties. The largest Orange County racial/ethnic groups are White (42.8%) followed by Hispanic (34.1%) and Asian (18.5%).

Orange County Children and Family Services (CFS) Child Abuse Registry receives approximately 39,000 reports of suspected child abuse annually, with a reported 40% of them investigated by CFS.

Structure of Children and Family Services (CFS)

Orange County CFS is divided into the following four departments: Intervention and Prevention Services, Family Assessment and Shelter Services, Continuing Family Services, and Planning and Permanency Services.

The vision of Orange County CFS is “Setting the Standard for Excellence in Child Welfare.” The mission of Orange County CFS is to “strengthen and stabilize families and to create an environment where children are free from abuse in permanent, nurturing homes.”

CFS Program Goals

  1. Reduce the rate of subsequent abuse/neglect referrals and substantiations
  2. Reduce the severity of subsequent abuse/neglect complaints or allegations
  3. Reduce the number of foster care placements
  4. Reduce the length of stay for children in foster care