Volusia County Supercommunity (Florida)

Latest Volusia County Supercommunity Update

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Supercommunity Background

According to the United States Census Bureau, the estimated non-transient population in Volusia County in 2013 was 500,800, with 18.4% being under the age of 18 years. This makes it the 11th most populated county in the state of Florida out of 67 counties.

The largest Volusia County racial/ethnic groups are White (74.4%) followed by Hispanic (11.8%) and Black (10.3%).

Structure of Department of Children and Families (DCF)

Volusia County operates under the Community-Based Model, which combines the outsourcing of foster care and related services to service agencies with an increased local community ownership of service delivery and design. In Volusia County, Community Partnership for Children (CPC) is the lead agency for this privatization of child welfare.

The Florida Abuse Hotline receives an average of 14,500 calls a month, with Volusia County receiving an average of 485 a month. DCF serves as the first response to the report. If the abuse is substantiated, DCF turns the case over to CPC for case management services. CPC then determines service needs and recommends a level of intervention.

There are significant changes happening within DCF since it is currently in the process of implementing The Florida Safety Decision Making Methodology, which is a new practice for Florida’s child welfare community.